About The Man

Broadway Wallis


A writer, musician, traveler of the soul and investor of the truth…so many things to do before the sun sets…then again, with a name like pm, the nighttime is the right time.

I’ve been all around this world boys…in my heart and soul and in my mind. A million friends I have met along the path and so many I  haven’t seen but a time or two…precious moments with musicians, writers, ne’er do-wells, assorted travelers, bygone days and bygone lovers, family long held close and those gone but never forgotten, friends and pals to share the time with and so many things to be thankful for….

These are all the motivators and the spark plugs that help run the bus…the creativity that is unearthed in the sharing of the adventures of the soul, the pluck of a string on an old guitar, the look in the eye of a friend or stranger who knows at that very minute exactly what has been put forth, the collaboration of souls in the search for truth, all under God’s Heaven and Heaven Knows What…it is simply the journey we are all on and ends up with what we’ve put into it, the path we take, the kindness we extend, the proof of our existence lies in the insistence we have to do what’s right, to ponder all questions, to seek not always but to let things happen, to not let things gather dust but to remain productive, to be and not to be anything else but who we were sent to be…and then some.


2 Responses to About The Man

  1. lawdy miss clawdy…seems i’ve been left in the settled dust…

    but i’m game for more punishment…
    Miss Jessica

  2. Dianne Jones says:

    Neat Pat, you are one of a kind and a good kind.

    Dianne Jones

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