Eternal Souls

creative thoughts force the fabric
interwoven dream of hope and desire
carry on through thread eternal
images dance darkly
of nights shadowy mire

there it speaks of vagabond days
ravenous reeling desperado recluse
floating through wells of wonder
beauty is hunger
offering one more excuse

divine souls of living beauty
measured ease in the stream of rain
serenade the moment completely
of friends and lovers
forever sustained

circa 1979


About pmwallis

A writer, musician, traveller of the soul and investor of the truth...
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2 Responses to Eternal Souls

  1. laurie wallis says:

    I remember this one vividly – just as evocative today as it was 20 some years ago

  2. Todd Holden says:

    ooh yes…traveling in harmony with another kindred spirit…the road often leads down dark valleys and over the incredible peaks…you follow the road with your heart and the soul is forever young.

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