Bloom’s Bloom

Crash down Moses!  Yea and stareyes watch with twinkled stargaze on the seagulls soaring wildly, highly up into the clouds.  Icarus winged flight soar madly, smashing blindly into pockets of air, climbing higher, higher.  Jump the wall after climbing Jacob’s ladder bursting, blinding sunlight of heat, warmth and gold twinkled stargaze.  What to see?  It’s all portrayed in the mind – lonely alone sad sitting with Armageddon and Reality on the clip/clap of boot heels gazing into molecules of air tinged and colored with the pale, colorless form of no conception.  Revealing thoughts telling secrets of the soul; one by one as the clock ticks lo! and time passes slowly.  When will it happen?  When will the release come?  Forever young and always on the precipice of love and answers – those secrets – revealing themselves so slowly, unafraid of the attempts of force to bring water to the surface.  Sad sitting alone and reeling visions of all those ticks of reality which are over as they’ve begun.  Pushed out of action into contemplation and hiding.  Reality of the mind – where memories pass undaunted to be lived and relived – but unable to touch.  Somewhere sitting sad alone the molecules of air process their tangibility to unsuspecting eyes – quick!  catch that one!  whoops!  gone!  forever gone.  Then climb, collect the thoughts in a grab bag of ideas – form, conception – Reels of wheels bringing smile to sad sitting alone – Perception of perfectness, climbing Jacob’s ladder – forever climbing dizzying heights spinning faster, faster.  Brighter, brighter to reach up and out at the same time sad sitting alone growling down and in.  Protect the balance – lifelong struggle in search for love undaunted – thank God for stareyes and the search to begin – then wheels of reels roll past with mundanity to contend with.  With fears of same dizzying heights.  Holding onto rungs of distance, higher, higher the comprehension clicks in/out with no time to be wasted, no excuse for slackness – no holes to be dug.  Everything depends on that click split-time comprehension of molecules of colored air.  Stareyes, seagulls, and sad sitting alone – the journey goes on and the steps deliberate so as to keep the main chance.


About pmwallis

A writer, musician, traveller of the soul and investor of the truth...
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