Early Writings


The Young Writer Awakens

Many, many moons ago…not long after life had started but well before it had begun, I stood at a crossroads of mental and emotional acuity…getting ready for the journey ahead. I had no idea then what would transpire, as none of us do, but I was also invincible then and had no fear of walking into darkness. Such are the ways of life, when we gather all of our youthful experiences and life’s lessons up to that point…mere blueprints without perspective…and put them in our kit bag and sally forth to young adulthood and the world ahead.

As the years go by, the perspective becomes jaded, twisted, and nothing like what we thought. If the journey was pure, the resilience is now strong and we have become wiser from when we first started. Here then, before all things considered are as now are musings and snapshots of that time in place where the magic held more sway than the reality of living. The words that appear were written more than thirty years ago, as the journey unfolded. Innocence and a naïve accounting of life give way to a more seasoned approach, but back then the possibilities of dreams were unfettered and there was no limit to the imagination. It was a good time…


Your Own Thoughts

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