Wallis Bros.

Wallis Bros

Grinder and Lefty at The Wagon Shed

The Wallis Brothers are an acoustic duo who play a little country, a little blues, some original music, and all with a bit of a jump and an amazingly original sound. Dave plays a fine Martin guitar and Wally accompanies on harmonica and leg shakes. Both belt out some of the finest vocals this side of the Susquehanna.

Joining up only a few years ago, the two brothers heard something original in the sound they made and have been having fun playing and singing ever since. There are plenty of fine musicians doing the old songs with a few more singers and instruments and a better picker is always around the corner, but there’s a sound that these boys make that beckons the hills and makes you feel at home, wherever home is.

Whether playing on the front porch, in a bar, or on a street corner, the Wallis Brothers play for the love of the music and play for friends…and they make friends wherever they go. Nothing too fancy and no bones about it, the Wallis Boys aren’t your typical cover band and they don’t make a big production out of what they do, but they surely bring a smile and a good time to anyone who hears them.

So if you’re after a hard rock sound with a thumping bass, head on up the street where the loud music is. If you want to hear some slick country music with all the bells and whistles, you can find some of that around the bend. But if you want to hear that high mountain sound with a little bit of small town jump, some sweet guitar, wild harmonica, and angel harmonies…the Wallis Brothers have a song or two for you.

Forall the news and happenings, contact wallisbros@comcast.net or simply subscribe to this page and inquire within.

Now, truth be told, the Wallis Bros. have been on sabbatical of late. There will be no bookings at the moment as they haven’t rehearsed. There will be no gigs until their time. You see, Lefty had a bit of a setback last year…a couple of heart attacks that slowed him down over the Fall. Well, alls well that ends well and Lefty is still up and about. Grinder has been the stalwart musician, playing here and there at fire houses, country fairs, winerys, and the like. You see, he likes to keep his chops clean.

Suffice to say, write us or stay tuned to these WordPress offerings where we’ll delve more into the antics and adventures of the Wallis Bros.


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